YouTube’s “Hacker Teaching Ban” Has Led To The Seizure Of Many Legitimate Computer Teaching Videos

By | July 7, 2019

Some time ago, YouTube added a ban on hacker attacks and phishing tutorials to its content banning video publishing. However, many legitimate security commentary videos have also been wrongly blocked by YouTube.

For example, Kody Kinzie, co-founder of Hacker Interchange, said that all of their computer security lessons on YouTube had been taken off the shelf and could no longer upload new videos.

It is reported that Hacker Interchange has about 228,800 subscribers on YouTube, up to 105 teaching videos. Most netizens commented on them and learned a lot from their videos.

Hacker Interchange is a team of moral hackers, media producers and STEM student volunteers. It teaches beginners basic knowledge of computer science, network security and STEM, and provides face-to-face courses, corporate security and privacy consulting services. Although YouTube’s intention is to stop some illegal activities, it’s a bad countermeasure for computer security researchers and people interested in anti-hacker/phishing technology.

After the incident, most netizens also expressed support for Hacker Interchange, strongly criticized YouTube’s approach, and criticized the official account of @ YouTube on Twitter one after another. Under the pressure of public opinion, YouTube finally lifted the restrictions on Hacker Interchange. By the time this article was published, Hacker Interchange’s YouTube channels had returned to normal.


People say that the Internet is a boundless world, a free and barrier-free time, everyone has the right and freedom to enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet, people can freely share their technical knowledge. For the sake of its own network security, it is extremely inappropriate for YouTube to deal with hacker technology videos by this ignorant means. It is very important that the use of hacker technology is usually illegal, but the technology itself is not illegal. People should not ignore the important role of hacker technology video in network security education. For this reason, we also hope that YouTube can pay attention to its own scale in the future operation, which is the blessings of developers and users.

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