Where will Huawei go in the future when Google terminates its business with Huawei?

By | May 21, 2019

Affected by the recent trade war between the United States and China, Google has stopped all business dealings with Huawei, including the Android system used by Huawei’s mobile phones. This means that Huawei will only be able to use the public version of Android, not Google-specific related applications and services. Although this has little impact on Huawei’s sales in China (most Google applications and services have been banned in China), it will have a huge impact on its business in Europe and the United States.

A few years ago, Google released Fuchsia, the latest operating system. Soon afterwards, it was reported that Huawei engineers submitted Fuchsia test code based on Glory Play in the open source community of Google. This shows that the cooperation between Google and Huawei is quite deep, but a ban ruins the future of Google and Huawei. After all, Google belongs to an American company, and any American company must abide by U.S. export control laws. Even for many open source projects, it is almost always clear at the end.

As we all know, Huawei has been developing Kirin OS internally. According to the relevant information and the attitude of the industry, the outside world seems to give a high appraisal of this OS. In the current situation of the break-up between Google and Huawei, Huawei is likely to deploy this OS on its mobile phone products to replace Android. But it’s not easy to survive between Ios and Android. From Symbian, BlackBerry, Samsung Tizen and Microsoft Windows Phone, most of them ended in failure.


Any business cooperation and struggle will ultimately be attributed to the cooperation and struggle between the countries in which they are located. The struggle between countries will inevitably affect the interests of many companies. Therefore, if you want to be independent of others, you must be independent of science and technology and have your own exclusive technology in order to have their own future.

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