What’s Wrong With Unc0ver?

By | May 24, 2020

Today is a amazing day!

For what? Yeap, the most popular jailbreak tool – Unc0ver5.0.0 has been released, it supports iOS 11.0 – 13.5. It’s very pleased for us. When Apple’s latest IOS system(ios13.5) was released, it announced that its support for IOS 13.5!

So, most of us want to install it and jailbreak our devices, but apple can not allow us to install it without official AppStore.In addition to using Altstore, our most convenient choice is to go to those third-party appstore’s websites for downloading.

So there’s a mistake like this:

Most users download it from AppValley, but he doesn’t have a certificate now, how did he sign the unc0ver ipa?

Because the enterprise certificate is too expensive recently and the seller of the certificate doesn’t sell the certificate, they only provide the service of signing the IPA files separately. For each IPA, they will charge a month of signing fee. In order to ensure that you can continue to renew the fee next month, those signers will inject time control code into the IPA file. If you don’t renew the fee until next month, they can close the signed IPA file so that users can’t use it properly. Unfortunately, unc0ver developers have banned all external code from being injected into their IPA. If such code is found, the above error message will appear.

Therefore, all of these third-party appstores is controlled by these signers. If they do not sell certificates, these third-party appstores will always be in the “revoked” state.

So we can understand that the frequency of today’s Appvalley tweets is quite high. One is that the latest version of unc0ver has been released he needs to make a gimmick to attract people’s attention. However, because there is no certificate, he can only find the seller who signs the app separately, but the signer injected the time control code into the ipa which leads to the abnormal use of unc0ver. By the time of this article’s release, Appvalley seems to have reached an agreement with the signer. There is no external control code in the signed unc0ver ipa. If you still have other problems, you need to contact @pwn20wnd

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