What’s Going On With Those Third-party Appstore Now?

By | March 24, 2020

As mentioned in our previous two blog posts (Why Do Those Tweak Apps Crash On IOS 13? and Apple Is Blocking Third-party AppStore!), apple added some restrictions on enterprise certificates in IOS 13 system, which led to the failure of all third-party Appstore apps to be used on IOS 13 and above devices, which was a real fatal blow.

So what are those third-party AppStores doing now? At present, we can only obtain relevant information through their respective twitter accounts. After all, some of them are not willing to let us and their users know too much, but twitter account is the main tool for them to communicate with users.

PandaHelp – Pandahelp has been entertaining itself all the time. It endlessly publishes updates of various apps or games every day, paying little attention to all kinds of questions raised by users, such as “crash” and “unable to install”.

To get the UDID!!!

Maybe he doesn’t pay attention to such questions. After all, it is old enough to have more than 119.9k Followers, here, we have to admire its courage and self-confidence. However, time will verify everything, so the behavior that does not put users in the eye will eventually be defeated by users. In addition, we have to mention that most of the apps downloaded and installed from pandahelp are always prompted to install a profile when they are first opened. In fact, this is the unique identifier UDID of our mobile devices. Why do you collect this information and what do you mean?


TopStore hasn’t heard anything for a long time. Its latest tweet was released on March 16. Before that, their development speed was very rapid, but they were also limited by the enterprise certificate. Now they don’t even update their app often. Good luck to him!


Cokernutx is also limited by enterprise certificates, but it seems that it has been trying to use different certificates to ensure the normal use of spotify++. It seems that people are still very fond of music, and expect it to bring some new features in the future.

IosGods – The latest tweet of iosgods was sent by Jan 15. It’s been a long time since there was any news about it. However, according to our observation, although they can’t solve the problem of IOS 13 crash, they are still updating their apps and games, which is very good.

Ignition – Ignition has completely fallen. It was originally an account about the third-party Appstore, but now it is full of all kinds of junk information about the owner of the account every day. If one or two tweets like this can be understood, but there are too many of them every day, and they will be received every few minutes or hours, which is too bad. According to its previous tweets, its owners say he has schizophrenia, god! We sympathize with what happened to him, but it’s unbearable to post a lot of information on such a non personal account. If you feel the same way, please unfollow them!


iPhoneCake used to be a website dedicated to cracking IPA file downloads, but since last year, they have also started to do the Third-party AppStore business. Now, it is also unable to avoid the crash problem of IOS 13. Its latest tweet was released on March 17, emphasizing that people are advised not to install more than three apps on their own devices, or they will face the crash problem, But is it true? There are still many users who can’t install normally for the first time.

AppValley – Appvalley has also been in deep trouble recently, not only with IOS 13 crash, but also with its so-called fake appvalley. According to their previous tweets, their original account @AppValley_vip seems to have been stolen by one of their internal colleagues, but we are very surprised. Why do they fight? Is it because of the unequal distribution of benefits? Now @ AppValley_vip account has blocked us, but we think @AppValley_vip account should have been stolen by their internal technicians. @App_Valley_vip account should be the account re registered by the person who has been tweeting before. Now it can be seen that @AppValley_vip is not good at words, while @App_Valley_vip is very expressive.

The above is the current situation of most Third-party AppStores. We estimate that they are waiting for the update of IOS 13.4, and then judge whether Apple has started to restrict the abuse of enterprise certificates or whether this is just a bug of IOS 13. Good luck to them! Now, apple is not as innovative as before, either in hardware or software. Maybe it’s a good choice to move to Android!

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    Panda Helper has been helping us solve the problem.It is not unresponsive, just send an email. There may be too many Twitter messages.


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