Use Free Background Music To Independently Control App Volume On Mac

By | August 5, 2019

Most of us experience this when we use the iPhone device: when we click on a video, the concert stops automatically, and when we close the video window, the music will automatically resume playing. On the Mac, every time we start watching videos, we often forget to turn off the music being played by Apple Music or other music players, and we have to pause it again. It’s troublesome.

Recently, while browsing github, I found an audio control tool on macOS called Background Music.It can automatically pause background music when playing other audio, restore background music after playing, and control the volume of each application separately. More importantly, it is free and open source.

Controlling the volume of each application separately from the volume of the system is already a native function on Windows, and software is needed on macOS. The principle of Background Music is to virtualize itself as a macOS audio output device, and then control the volume of other applications. It’s also very easy to control. Just drag the volume bar of an application.

A very important function of Background Music is that it automatically detects other volumes, and pauses background music whenever there is an audio other than background music. When the audio is over, the background music is restored immediately.

In fact, when you use Background Music, its experience is very good, its pause and recovery and fade-in and fade-out effect, the entire software is only 500 KB, you can go to GitHub to download and compile and run, or directly through the macOS command-line software installation tool brew to install:

brew cask install background -music

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