Tweakbox Cleans Pirate Apps After Pressure From Movie Companies!

By | September 5, 2019

The popular third-party app store TweakBox, which is available for both Android and iOS, has “chosen” to remove a bunch of pirate apps. This time it’s about movie apps like Popcorn Time, CotoMovies and MediaBox HD.

The purge comes as a result of the production company behind “Hellboy”, a movie that completely flopped, choosing to sue the Tweakbox developers unless the pirate apps were removed immediately.

TweakBox lets users install third-party apps, all without having to jailbreak the iOS device in question. In the app offering we find, among other things, modified versions of popular apps such as Twitter, Youtube and Whatsapp – which Apple CEO Tim Cook hardly learns to cheer about.

He, and an army of Apple developers, has for a long time put in various countermeasures. But so far, Tweakbox works great – even if they have to remove some apps in the quarters.

The Tweakbox gang announced that it was app cleansing day via Twitter:

And many users chose to immediately express their grief:

Just as I was writing this article, the Twitter account of tweakbox was also suspended:

But even though the apps are away from TweakBox, they have not become completely inaccessible. As when it comes to almost all pirate-related material, there are other sources to choose from that cannot be addressed here.

7 thoughts on “Tweakbox Cleans Pirate Apps After Pressure From Movie Companies!

  1. Susan Woloszynski

    But CotoMovies has its own page and site, he doesn’t need Tweakbox. This called for Tweakbox to remove the apps, doesn’t mean CotoMovies has to shut down, right?

      1. Susan Woloszynski

        Well sadly, CotoMovies site is down today. Was still up yesterday, last night. But gone today. Sounds like he was threatened as well? Any more news on this?

        1. potatosir Post author

          you can change to use MediaBox HD

    1. potatosir Post author

      CotoMovies’s website can not opened now!

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