The PUBG Hack—More Easy And More Funny

By | June 18, 2019

Since last year, the game PUBG developed by China Tencent has been popular till now. Why is it so popular with players? One well-known reason is that it pioneered the competition mode of random parachute jumping and random landing. In addition, thanks to its smooth operation on the small screen of mobile phone, it also satisfies many players to enjoy this game with fragmentation time.

However, for those who are not often playing, the game skills are certainly poor, but there are always enthusiastic netizens to make some changes. @Y_Dagriri a well-known developer who made some changes to the game to make it easier and more interesting.

In summary, @Y_Dagriri developed this version mainly in terms of horizon changes. In the conventional version, players can only judge whether there are enemies or enemies in the vicinity by orange footprints on the map in the upper right corner of the screen. Once the players move around, they will let the enemy find out, so they rely more on each player’s technology. However, this revision can make the player’s vision higher, and can see the enemy farther away or hidden by the current obstacles, which is more conducive to the player to find the enemy in advance and prepare for battle in advance.

So, how to download this modified version of PUBG? Simply, players can download some third-party appstores recommended by @Y_Dagriri, such as cokernutx, topstore, etc.

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