The Most Popular Movie App – CotoMovies Has Been Shut Down!

By | September 7, 2019

Recently, CotoMovies, a popular movie application on the Internet, has come to an end. Yes, this app is a very popular software after MovieBox. It provides a lot of Hollywood movies, TV dramas, animations and other movie and television resources. Users can watch all of it for free.

But it eventually led to the problem of infringement, and all the fuse should start with the movie “Hellboy”. After the release of Hellboy, the effect was not so good and the box office was not as good as expected, so the production company behind it began to override the film infringement problem in the IOS jailbreak community. First, it sued Tweakbox (a very fluent third-party appstore, refer to another article:, demanding that all the movies related to a. Pp, and then I found CotoMovies.

Up to now, CotoMovies’twitter account has been actively closed:

In addition, users who have installed CotoMovies have opened the software and it shows that the service will be closed soon:

Similarly, most peoples begin to express their grief:

At present, there are MediaBox, Popcortime and so on, which can be used normally on the network, but how long can these apps last?

One thought on “The Most Popular Movie App – CotoMovies Has Been Shut Down!

  1. Susan Woloszynski

    Thanks for leading me to this info yesterday, I really do care about the person behind the app. CotoMovies truly had a very simple UI, and so far I’m not happy with what I’ve seen on my Firestick through Filelinked.
    Would you have any recommendations?


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