The Lion King: Childhood Memories!

By | July 30, 2019

As the peak of Disney’s Renaissance, The Lion King is an important work in Disney. After 25 years, the real edition of The Lion King has been adapted. On the basis of revering the original, the film has endowed the vast grassland of the past and the animals living in this land with a more abundant form that can be reached. The plot, the unchanged core, makes this film worthy of classics.

The success of The Lion King lies not only in the faultless production of Disney 2D animation at that time, but also in the fact that its plot is based on the creation of Hamlet. The film boldly places the exhibition of human nature between rights and fate in this book into a personified animal kingdom, which makes the film more biased towards the human kingdom. The adult world is a more real contradiction. As an animated film for all ages, The Lion King does not have the tragic ending of a simple set of original works. Instead, it focuses more on Simba, the lion, facing the great changes of betrayal and deception, his love and growth.

Along with Simba’s growth, the film also outlines a happy and meaningful main line, which can make people feel his love with Nana’s young plum and bamboo horse, the carefree joy with Timon and Peng Peng, and also feel the responsibility on him. Compared with The Lion King, Hamlet, the film studio More hope to conclude, let the audience believe in the truth and goodness of the world, even in the face of his father’s uncle scar, Simba in the end just want to pull him down from the throne, expel away, not fatal revenge, the film ultimately attributes the death of scar to self-made sin can not live, seemingly perfect reunion ending, in fact, also pass on. With Disney’s love and beautiful core.

Compared with the original work, the real version of The Lion King retains the original plot structure, and the extra time is mainly given to Nana, the young plum and bamboo horse of Simba is portrayed in a more feminist role, while Ding Man and Peng Peng are portrayed, which adds more intense laughing points to the film as well as to the teammates of Jackie. Some seemingly minor optimization changes, in fact, can see Disney’s progress with the times, and the film plot is more substantial at the same time, director Jon Feru also maintained the rhythm control as excellent as before.

As far as the visual effect of the real version is concerned, the Lion King is actually a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the vivid details and the production of fine hair make the movie better integrate the audience into the vibrant grassland and into Simba’s animal kingdom. On the other hand, the reality also makes the characters in the movie lost their original roles. The emotional expression of the high image in this animation, which somewhat makes the film have a little documentary and animation are mingled together against the feeling, but consciously compared to the visual revolution brought about by film production, this slight defect can be remedied.

Twenty-five years ago, The Lion King is an unforgettable classic. Today, 25 years later, in a more real Lion King, perhaps this strange truth will make people feel unexpected. But for the inheritance of the classics, Simba’s courage, responsibility and love in growing up still bring the film a sense of familiarity.

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