Suspected Leak Of New iPhone Shape Design! But Is It Really The Case?

By | July 9, 2019

In a few months, Apple’s fall 2019 launch will be held. This year’s new Mac is a mystery. So far, there is no accurate information about the new Mac, including product design and product configuration. So this year’s Mac photo is very mysterious. Maybe it’s official. From the beginning of this year to the present, guess about this series of products. It’s never stopped.

Recently, the Internet has exposed a set of design drawings of the shape of the iPhone XI. From the photos exposed, the front appearance of the iPhone XI has been further reduced by Apple. At the same time, based on the improvement of Face ID and screen technology, the ‘notch’ of iphone will be further reduced. In addition, three cameras have been added, the location of the camera has changed, and the Lightning interface is still retained, but these are only the information exposed on the Internet, which may change.

In terms of 5G, judging from the recent Sino-US trade war and Huawei’s achievements in 5G, the new three iPhones this year should not support 5G Internet access.

So, will you still buy an iPhone this year?

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