Panda App Signer – Nothing New And Unattractive!

By | October 26, 2019

After AltsStore has been released, another third-party AppStore platform “pandahelpApp” has released a tool called “App Signer”, which is still the same as to warmed over the developer certificates.

However, we are very upset that this tool needs extra charges, and is only available to VIP users of pandahelpApp. In short, to use this tool, you must first pay to be a VIP user of pandahelpApp, and then pay to buy this tool, and there will be no refund after purchase, which is too bad.

For these reasons, I’m not going to show you how to use it. On the contrary, I would like to introduce some other limitations of this tool:

  1. Panda App Signer is the exclusive function of Panda Helper VIP. You can purchase Panda App Signer’s signing service after becoming Panda Helper VIP.
  2. The expiration time of the Panda App Signer depends on the VIP membership of Panda Helper. If the Panda VIP membership expires, you will need to re-purchase the Panda Helper VIP to continue to use it.
  3. Panda App Signer can only sign one **.IPA file at a time.
  4. Panda App Signer only supports signing services. Panda Helper will not accept refunds due to problems that cannot be used due to the App (**.IPA file) itself.
  5. Panda App Signer cannot sign the encrypted IPA file downloaded from the App Store, nor can it sign the damaged IPA file.

It’s a failed innovation, and I guess few users will use it. PandahelpApp you really did some terrible things to make money!

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