One Of AppValley’s Certificate Sellers Appears

By | June 7, 2020

As we all know, the life of the third party Appstore is becoming more and more difficult. Apple’s crackdown and the high price of certificate sellers make them worse.

This situation makes us all feel very depressed. Recently, we found one of the certificate sellers. Let’s see who he is!

Appvalley has been contacting this person for twice recently. Yeah, this is one of their certificate sellerse, this is a chinese,we can easily see from his twitter name.This also reflects from the side why almost all of the previous certificates are from China, maybe almost all of these certificate sellers are Chinese.

This is the profile of the seller’s Twitter account:

Maybe it will be much cheaper for these third-party sellers to come together to find this person to buy certificates.Obviously, these sellers make a lot of money. So what do you think of these certificate sellers?

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