Lookin – A Free macOS App for iOS View Debugging

By | September 2, 2019

What’s Lookin?

Lookin just like UI Inspector in Xcode, or another app called Reveal.You can inspect and modify views in iOS app via Lookin. And you can do more with features like Console or Method Trace.Moreover, Lookin can run on your iPhone or iPad without connecting to a Mac.And one more thing, Lookin is free.

Lookin has many features as follows:

Lookin displays a view accompanying with ivar, indexPath or other informations.

Lookin displays an app accompanying with the screenshot.

You can export UI hierarchy of your app via a Mac or iPhone to a Lookin Document.Send the document to your colleague, or save it to inspect later.

Get property values or invoke methods of any NSObject in your app

Print stacks when a method you’re interested in was invoked.Use this tool to debug when Xcode is unavailable.Or find method invoker from the class that you cannot easily override.

Lookin can run on your iPhone or iPad without connecting to a Mac.

Lookin’s iOS code is open source and contains complete data processing, image rendering and other logic. You can find it on github.

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