Loner: A Lonely Flyer

By | June 10, 2019

Today, I would like to recommend a simple but lingering game, “Loner”. At first glance, this game is a simple flight game. It has no gorgeous pictures, no difficult skills, and only a completely immersed feeling of flight experience.

To some extent, the whole game seems to be telling a story, flying a plane through obstacles at risk, just unlocking every chapter of the story step by step. Overall, Loner tells a love story of being separated, separated and searched for because of war. But compared with the general war love story, Loner also spends a lot of pen and ink describing other characters and the cruelty and comedy of war. To say the concept, in addition to the more clear anti-war and love, other players may need to experience themselves, such as strong, sacrifice, growth.

Loner is an evasive or dead game. Every player insists on a certain stage, he will collect a story fragment. This collection will change the picture (mainly the color) of the game. Meanwhile, obstacles and story fragments appear according to the beat of the game music. It is worth mentioning that the dubbing of the game will be different according to each level, and the quality of the music is quite good, the whole with a sad, sad tone.

Interested players can go to the AppStore for download experience.

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