Krisp: One-click Filter For Background Noise

By | August 12, 2019

When we use MAC computers to communicate, have we ever encountered such a situation: often the voice of the other party or his side will be transmitted back and forth several times, that is to say, echo, and in most cases accompanied by a lot of noise, the experience is very bad.

Today, we recommend a better software “krisp” to filter these sound sources on mac. It can not only help you reduce the background noise in the microphone, but also reduce the background noise of the speaker. It can actively reduce the two-way noise. It is very suitable for street, children’s voice, airport, cafe, conversation and other background noise. It is simple and convenient to use.

The principle of Krisp is to virtualize the audio input and output devices. It is only necessary to select Krisp devices on the communication software. After setting up, the noise can be reduced by simply opening the switch. Krisp is characterized by the two sides of the conversation, only one person installed Krisp, can achieve the effect of both sides of the denoising.

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