Kinetoscope: Gives You A New Way To Find Movie Resources!

By | July 10, 2019

Are you still using search engines like Google, Yandex, Rambler and others to look for your favorite movies, TV shows and cartoons? Then the app is for you! Kinetoscope is a video aggregator that searches for videos from publicly accessible sites, simplifying the search process to a minimum and provides the video content found right away in the form adapted for your device. With us, watching movies is easy and convenient!

There are three advantages for Kinetoscope:

  1. When you select a category, it will automatically recommend the relevant categories of movie resources.
  2. A quick and easy search will help you find videos that are suitable for various tastes.
  3. Convenient filters. Help you find the great movie you need.

How To Get It?

At present, Kinetoscope only supports ios, no Android version, and IOS system needs more than 11.0. And users can not download on the appstore, only through a third-party Appstore to download.

Here you can get it on cokernutx.

Visit the official cokernutx website, click Install to install the cokernutx client, and then trust the certificate on your mobile phone. Open cokernutx and search for Kinetoscope to install directly.

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