iSpoofer for HPWU – 1.1.0 (0.8.0) Now Alive

By | May 29, 2019

In the past few years, due to the rise of AR concept, many AR-based industries, applications, games and so on have emerged. Among them, Nintendo released a popular AR game, Pokemon go, which is popular throughout Europe and the United States. For a time, people can see in the streets and alleys of Europe and the United States using mobile phones to search for “monsters” scenarios. Pokemongo has become famous.

It wasn’t long before the iSpoofer team developed a plug-in version of the game, the latest version being 1.1.0.The main updates are Teleport, Auto-Walking, GPX Import & export, Coordinates Feed, Enhanced Spellcast.

How to download ispoofer for HPWU?

You can visit ispoofer’s official website for download or choose other third-party appstores (such as cokernutx, topstore) for download.

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