Introduction to Apple WWDC 2019

By | June 5, 2019

As predicted in the previous article, the two highlights mentioned in this article are all involved in this conference, but not limited to this highlight, there are many other contents, let’s briefly introduce them below.

New version of IOS system: iOS 13

Support Dark Mode dark mode

When downloading and updating App, the file packages are smaller, saving time and traffic

Enhanced camera light efficiency, enhanced photo management and editing functions

Maps, browsers, reminders and other built-in App updates, Siri, shortcuts, Handoff, CarPlay and other functions enhanced

Face-brushing unlocks faster and App loads twice as fast

Map sharing information such as path and location lists is more convenient for friends; Street View functions like Google Maps are also supported

New version of watchOS 6

As mentioned in the previous article, Apple Watch can download App directly from Apple Watch and run App directly without relying on the iPhone. In addition, it has updated health functions and added menstrual tracking functions for women. The new system also adds more new dials, watchbands and many new applications, such as audio e-books, voice memos, calculators and so on.

New version of iPadOS

Yes, the conference will separate the iPad as a separate system, making it no longer an enlarged version of the iphone. Apple is more looking forward to making it a touch screen computer. The new iPad OS supports the following functions:

Desktop support Widget extensions

Multi-window display and management, such as split-screen display, as on computers

Expose for iPad to facilitate window switching

Support mouse U-disk and file management, Download Management

Support file compression and decompression

Fonts can be downloaded from the App Store

Computer desktop browser

More keyboard shortcuts and touch gestures

Enhanced stylus and open Pencil Kits to third-party App

On the hardware side, a new Mac Pro workstation and a new monitor have been released.In terms of software, tvOS, macOS have also been upgraded, as well as ARKit, RealityKit and other developers related things.

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