Google Integrates AR Into Search: It’s Now Available On Android And iPhone

By | June 2, 2019

At the Google I/O Developers Conference in May 2019, Google officially announced that AR will be integrated into Google search, which can present the search content on the real scene and facilitate users to grasp the appearance and actual size of objects. For example, searching for tigers can directly put the 3D model of tigers into the space, and directly understand how big tigers are compared with the scenery around them. If you want to buy new clothes on the Internet but are not sure whether they match well or not, AR function can also put the 3D model of clothes searched beside you, and can also rotate the angle of the model to confirm that clothes are suitable for you.

In fact, as early as AR concept was put forward, a lot of apps added these functions, especially e-commerce apps. What they did most was to put the 3D model of the products they sold into the user’s current space, such as shoes on the user’s feet, so that users can really feel whether the shoes fit themselves, such as clothes, hats, cabinets and so on.

Overall, AR seems to be more entertaining than substantive at this stage, and the most successful business application scenario is online shopping. In the future, perhaps developers will find other more interesting or useful uses after AR is actually online.

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