Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) – The Scene Was Full Of Energy But The Plot Was Empty

By | August 1, 2019

As the most anticipated summer blockbuster this summer, “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” will carry on the style of explosion to the end, sweeping across the world at full speed. And Hobbes and Shaw will continue to “do not know each other, know each other and want to fight” the antagonistic relationship, the two enemies because of the contrast of personality collided with the sharp humorous elements are also perfectly retained.

Dawn Johnson, who plays Hobbes in the film, has made his fifth appearance in the series, and he has long been one of the most familiar Hollywood faces in the audience. In the movie, Hobbes’s image is very popular, and in the film, Hobbes’s image will continue to flourish. Even in the context of his talk about good brother Jason, Johnson also appraise him as “a serious, talented and often strong” bastard. ” When it comes to the play, the intense competition between Hobbes and Shaw gives the screenwriter Chris Morgan the chance to bring the comedy to its peak. As director David Leitch said, “There is a natural chemical reaction between Dawn and Jason, which can be interpreted very well on the screen.”

However, I personally believe that the success of previous works is closely related to the theme of “speed and passion”, which has a good control over the rhythm of the plot, touches the nerves of the audience, dazzling racing elements, and adrenaline soaring action drama, all of which make the audience refreshed.

But on the contrary, this work is more embodied in fighting and high-tech, drag racing parts, overall lack of bright spots. Secondly, the importance of family should be emphasized in every part of “Fast & Furious Presents”. It is not fully reflected in “Special Action”, which is also one of the important factors. In summary, I think that “Special Action” is not a strictly “Fast & Furious Presents” series of movies, but a Hollywood production line at most. Movies, therefore, do not have any particularly expected highlights and highlights. What do you think about it? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.~

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