Escalating dispute between Epic and Apple

By | August 18, 2020

Since the conflict between epic and apple occurred(Epic VS Apple & Google)According to the latest news, Epic Games accused apple of threatening to cut off the use of its IOS devices and mac software development tools, and escalated the dispute between the two companies.

Apple’s Statement

Apple issued a statement today in response to the latest charges from game developer Epic Games. Apple said that the problem was caused by Epic itself, and it was easy to remedy. It only needed to submit an app update to comply with the app store guidelines, and Apple would not make an exception for Epic. Previously, Epic game “Fortnite” was removed from AppStore due to its use of autonomous payment service because it violated the AppStore’s in app purchase policy.

Here is a screenshot of Apple’s announcement:

苹果发声明:问题由Epic一手造成 不会为它破例

Epic wants to build an anti Apple alliance

In recent weeks, Epic has contacted executives from other technology companies to create an alliance against Apple’s business practices, including Apple’s policy to manage app distribution on its IOS platform. As of last week, Spotify has not agreed to join the alliance, although Epic has held preliminary discussions with Spotify, a streaming music company.

However, Spotify has joined the dispute between Epic and Apple, praising Epic for coming forward against Apple’s decision. Spotify has previously complained to Apple in the European Union, claiming that Apple has committed illegal acts, abused the dominance of its AppStore and favoured its own Apple music service.

Epic may find it difficult to persuade other companies to join the alliance, even those that agree with Epic’s goal in private. An executive at a well-known game company said he supported pressure on Apple to reduce the commission rate of the AppStore, but worried that concerted efforts could violate antitrust laws.

What is not clear enough is that if Epic successfully established the alliance, what role would it play? Companies worried about Apple’s approach have discussed their concerns behind closed doors with other like-minded companies. A person familiar with Epic’s discussions with other companies said the move was clearly coordinating public messages to apple.

It seems that things have become more and more obvious that Epic’s farce will largely end in failure, and giants like Apple and Google are not so easily shaken after all. In addition, the anti Apple alliance that Epic tried to set up is only a kind of illusion. Even if everyone is not satisfied with Apple’s relevant policies secretly, but for the sake of their own interests, they can only discuss it behind closed doors. It is difficult for them to take specific actions.

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