DeepNude: AI technology should not be abused

By | July 4, 2019

If Deepfakes(An AI Face Change App) also immerses you in the magical reality of AI face change, you will be even more surprised by the recent burst of AI button stripping and nudity.

This software is called DeepNude, which was developed by a programmer on Twitter. App can “automatically take off” women’s clothes and show nudity by giving DeepNude a picture of women with the help of neural network technology. And users can use waterless versions for only $50, which means that anyone can use it to easily generate naked photos of anyone.

As soon as the software came on the shelf, it was downloaded crazily, so that the server went down, and even could not pay smoothly. It was only released a few hours later, but many people have made comments during the launch of APP.

After the generation of contrast map, the effect is false and true:

It seems that everything came from a software called DeepFakes, which was released anonymously and open source. It is essentially a technology that uses AI in-depth learning to transplant faces from one picture to another. Through this technology, we can create a very lifelike “fake” video or “fake” picture, or even “resurrect” a person, “change face” so named.

Faced with the overwhelming queries on the internet, the developers said that they continued the experiment out of “interesting” and curiosity. He declared that he was “not a voyeur, but a technology enthusiast.” When APP came off the shelf, the developer wrote this sentence on his homepage: “The world is not yet ready for DeepNude!”

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