Dark Echo: A Super-thrilling and Super-exciting Adventure Game!

By | May 9, 2019

As we all know, there are many animals in nature who can recognize people and objects in the dark environment. They rely on their own system of echo positioning system to sense the surrounding environment by making sound and generating echoes.

In this game, you will be transformed into a bat, through constant sound, you can see doors, corridors, forks in the darkness, and something you may not want to see.

You can’t see any tangible monsters directly. The game uses red lines to represent danger. They may be monsters, beasts or other things that you can’t say. In most cases, once you encounter a red line, you have to quicken your pace and leave. Some red lines move towards you. Sometimes you even need to move very slowly and hide your footsteps. They run faster than you and you can’t escape. If you have no way to escape, you have to be prepared.
Never stop. In this game, the echo is your light, once you stop, you will fall into real darkness. When you need more sound, you can choose to clap your hands hard. You can use this to “see” more clearly, but you also have to bear the risk of alarming “them”. In addition, in the dark underground labyrinth, you will not only have you and “them”, you will hear some script sounds similar to human beings. As for whether they are enemies or friends… .

Next, I will introduce the first few key clearance strategies:

Pass1: there is a weird, careful to lead the weird can pass

Pass 2: It’s relatively simple. There are two weirdos. Be careful.

Pass 3: It’s simple, too. You can pass it with care.

Pass 4: It’s still not difficult. It’s all about being cautious. There’s a strange next to it. Maybe a lot of people hang up when they play for the first time.

Pass 5: No difficulty

Pass 6: Still no difficulty

Pass 7: Strange rooms on the right and lower right, empty rooms on the left, the right way is left lower, after entering the left lower, choose the next room.

Pass 8: Wood is difficult

Next, rely on yourself!

Go to the app store and download it for a try!!

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