Cydia Impactor Has Been Updated To v0.9.52 With Support For macOS Catalina

By | June 6, 2019

At Apple’s WWDC 2019 conference, Apple unveiled the latest version of macOS system, macOS Catalina. Soon afterwards, enthusiastic netizens reported to Saurik that Cydia Impactor could not be used on the latest macOS.

Soon, Saurik updated Cydia Impactor to support Apple’s MacOS Catalina system. The latest Cydia Impactor update to v0.9.52 has the following major changes:

  • Improve error message for missing zip entry.
  • Provide a 64-bit macOS slice for macOS Catalina support (increasing download size).

If you have updated your Mac to the latest system and you are using Cydia Impactor regularly, open the version you have installed to check for updates, or you can download it directly from Cydia Impactor’s official website.

I always thought that Saurik had left the jailbreak community, but I didn’t expect this time to bring us a surprise. Thank him for his efforts. If you feel the same, please leave your comments.

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