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J. K Simmons signed up to join the sequel to “Spider-Man”

The horn daily boss “J. Jonah Jameson” is the most classic supporting character in Spider-Man movie history.He appeared in the Toby Maguire “Spider-Man” trilogy from 2002 to 2007 as Peter Parker’s boss, and his temperament is volatile, complex and interesting.Although he has spared no effort to discredit Spider-Man for a long time, to some extent,… Read More »

The Lion King: Childhood Memories!

As the peak of Disney’s Renaissance, The Lion King is an important work in Disney. After 25 years, the real edition of The Lion King has been adapted. On the basis of revering the original, the film has endowed the vast grassland of the past and the animals living in this land with a more… Read More »

Dark Phoenix: Not The End But The Forced End

Since the release of X-Men: Black Phoenix, negative reviews have been continuing, and almost all the public opinion is blaming it.20 years, more than 10 years of Manway’s company, “X-Men” has accumulated a broad mass base, but also carries too much expectation and love.But most fans of X-Men movies ask: Is it really rotten? As… Read More »

JUMANJI: The Next Level, Only In Theaters This Christmas

Today, Sony Pictures’film “JUMANJI: The Next Level” released the latest trailer, with the return of the “Transformed Quartet” played by Dawn Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gilan and Jack Black. From the trailer, this adventure is even more dangerous, not only in the jungle, but also in the desert, snowy mountains, ostriches, apes and other animals.… Read More »

Aladdin: The Dream Of Childhood Is Coming True

In recent years, summer is the golden period of the outbreak of fairy tales, and this year is no exception, “Aladdin” as a classic fairy tale, once again broke out the hearts of the audience. Following Disney reality Princess movies such as Sleeping Curse, Beauty and Beast, Cinderella and so on, the magical and romantic… Read More »