Black Widow’s latest studio exposure! Foreshadows a new villain coming on the scene

By | June 27, 2019

At present, the film “Black Widow” is in the stage of intensive shooting. However, little information is known about the film, and even the release date is not officially disclosed.

Today, the relevant media exposed three studio photos, which can be regarded as a big explosion, heralding the appearance of a new villain:

In this group of photos, an armed man sits in an armored vehicle.The man was wearing armor, a helmet and something like a backpack on his back. As for colours, they look like blue and silver with red hues.However, due to the shooting distance and the angle of sunlight, the actual color may be slightly different.

Moreover, Manway is very good at special effects, and the final positive effect may be quite different from the studio photo.At the beginning of this year, there was an “insider” story: the taskmaster is expected to appear in the independent film “Black Widow”.Now, these Studio Photos confirm the previous myths once again.

In Manwei Comic 616 Universe, imitation masters have long white cloaks, blue and orange battle clothes, and a landmark skull helmet.And the ultimate cosmic imitation master is more earthly, and closer to the image of the mysterious characters in the Black Widow film set.Characterized by ordinary soldier equipment, he wore a white Cape around his neck and a mask to present the whole skull in a more modern way.If not unexpectedly, the imitation masters will probably appear in the film Black Widow, as a brand-new Marvellous film, the supervillain of the universe.

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