Black Widow(2021) will be played on Disney+

By | October 20, 2020

According to variety, the 2019-nCoV has had a great impact on the Hollywood film industry, and a major shareholder of Disney recently spoke somethings.

Dan Loeb, the top investor behind Disney, a hedge fund tycoon with $1 billion in shares, recently wrote a letter to the president of Disney, in which he made it clear that:

I hope that the blockbuster movies of Disney’s marvel and Pixar film industries will not be postponed to hit the cinema and go directly to Disney + streaming media.

This, of course, includes Marvel’s next first film project, black widow, which has been postponed twice!
Loeb believes that Netflix has the largest number of subscribers to streaming media because it has the courage to invest a lot of content to attract customers, that is, to burn money.And if Disney + doesn’t have enough subscribers, they will always be at the bottom of the competition with Netflix.

Since its launch, Disney + has attracted 60 million subscribers in just eight months, completing the five-year target ahead of schedule. Now the industry predicts that the number of users will exceed 200 million within five years, surpassing Netflix.

He thinks that the senior leaders of the old group are still conservative and are not willing to take big movies to stream media. However, in fact, the added value brought by streaming media is quite considerable. If you have the courage to let Disney + on Marvel movies surpass Netflix’s 190 million users in the near future.

“In the future, the market will continue to change, and the way consumers view movies will also change. Many people want to watch Disney movies safely at home, instead of taking risks in the cinema.”
“Mulan” and “journey of the soul” are both popular in the media, but “black widow” has not been made, because Marvel pictures, as the “trump card” of Disney, has more privileges.
Previously, ordinary fans put forward this kind of suggestion to Disney, we can still not care too much.

But the novel coronavirus pneumonia is slow to control and the financial situation is increasingly difficult. In addition to the shareholders’ words, Disney Company will certainly be under pressure to seriously consider this practice. Is it really necessary to launch a new era of Marvel film screening mode?

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