Avengers: Endgame — You Can’t Say Goodbye, But You Have To Say Goodbye.

By | June 29, 2019

Recently, I finally had time to walk into the cinema and watch Manwei’s final work: Avengers: Endgame.

One of the most striking highlights of the film, I think, is that the directors, the Russell Brothers, have turned hegemony into a compassionate character, even though his evil plan ultimately wiped out half the life of the universe. The creation of the hegemony is impressive, because in view of Manwei’s former villain role, he could easily degenerate into a stereotyped villain image.

The key to achieve this effect is to humanize the hegemony, and to make it clear that his belief is for a positive purpose. He really believed that he was doing something meaningful for the whole universe. He believed that he was the only one who could accomplish this arduous task and prevent the universe from self-destruction.

In fact, these characters have their own troubles and problems, they are not perfect. The captain of the United States is not as beautiful as he imagined. The Heroes’life experiences are not so good: Iron Man’s parents were killed, and even his girlfriend could not bear to leave him in order to be a hero; the American team, though not unlike Tony’s inheritance, suffered roughly the same in other ways, and he was an orphan; the Black Panther, the prince of a great African country, died in a terrible explosion and returned. Hometown is also facing the crisis of betrayal and inheritance; Winter soldier Baki, let alone living people, like ghosts and ghosts; the Hulk and the Black Widow are regarded as monsters; the Galaxy Guard and the Ant Man are both losers in reality, and the real side of the most popular spider, Parker, is also unlucky at home…

Therefore, from the beginning to the rift between the groups in the duplicate, their self-reflection, in order to maintain peace and tranquility, but creating a battlefield of revengers everywhere, alludes to become a group with tremendous troubles and crises, from the audience’s acceptance level, but also closer to the current international reality background.

If they just want to love and kill each other, they will obviously deviate from the direction of the film, because one by one they can establish to become superheroes is to uncover the attitude that they face serious psychological burden and even traumatic memory, which is the original intention of the duplicate in creating a phased ending of ten years. It’s like destroying hegemony is actually like a “fatalist” who creates evil for the better development of the universe. He brutally destroys some planets, some lives, but for the smooth continuation of the rest of the universe and life… Are there some familiar ideas about this kind of resources and space in human history?

Seeing the end, we found that the strongest is not to destroy hegemony, not the Hulk, not the captain of surprise, not the captain of the United States, not the Iron Man… It’s time. I can’t say goodbye, but I have to say goodbye.

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