AppValley Next – Will it be a replacement for the third-party AppStore?

By | April 19, 2020

Today, the famous third-party App Store – AppVelley released an official announcement detailing their next new product: “AppVelley Next”.

What is AppValley NEXT?

AppValley NEXT represents the successor to the well-known AppValley platform which is a third-party AppStore providing tweaked ++ applications, modified and tweaked games, as well as a plethora of jailbreak utilities.

NEXT is AppValley’s next way of providing you all the applications and jailbreak tools you’ve grown to enjoy, even after Apple cracked down on the third-party AppStores. NEXT is like nothing else you’ve seen so far. A standalone iOS application capable to take advantage of the available kernel vulnerabilities to provide you with ++ applications and games that cannot get revoked by Apple!With NEXT you don’t have to worry again about certificates being revoked and apps not loading anymore. Just start NEXT every time you reboot the phone and you’re good until you reboot again. Even after reboot, your apps don’t get deleted.

People can view the detailed description information published by them through this website. Here, we still want to talk about our own opinions.

Our Views

In that article, their CEO described various advantages of Appvalley NEXT in detail, such as no revoked, no jailbreak, no computer, and finally concluded that NEXT is a tool similar to the jailbreak tools, but different from the jailbreak. They said that they used a leak hole “task for PID (0)” in IOS system to implement fake signature, and then you can install any app you want.

They also said that enterprise certificate has ended. “Ended”? Can we understand that the enterprise certificate has no effect at all? Is apple going to turn off enterprise certificate? So the certificates Apple issued to so many companies before will no longer work? What should these companies do in-house app testing in the future? Do they use the $99 developer account? If so, some of these big companies are prone to tens of thousands of testers. Does everyone have to collect their device udids in advance? Is that possible? Is this realistic? Will these companies agree? To be blunt, they are misleading our users to some extent. Maybe it’s just an interface they can’t afford to look for at the rising cost of enterprise certificates.

In addition, in that article, the author still criticizes other third-party app stores that still insist on using enterprise certificates from time to time. We think this is very inappropriate. It is also the victim of Apple’s crackdown policy. It is also to provide help for users with this demand. Why are they cheating users? Why do they want to get more advertising revenue? Please see Look at your own website. Isn’t it also full of advertisements?

Well, even if your NEXT is very powerful, it can really achieve no revoked, no jalbroked, no computer as you said, Aren’t you taking advantage of IOS vulnerability in a certain version? What if users upgrade to the new IOS system? Are you looking for new System FLAW again? Can it be that simple? Please look at that, it’s getting more and more difficult for the jailbreak community to crack the IOS system. Many previous jailbreak leaders have given up the research in this area. For example, Jay Freeman, the father of Cydia, said that IOS jailbreak was basically dead a few years ago.
So, please be calm down about what Apple has done. Those third-party appstores are only living under the eaves of apple. If Apple really wants to suppress you, you will die without a place of burial. Don’t mislead users with some of your own views!

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