AppValley And TutuBox Started A New Trip For The VIP.

By | January 13, 2021

What’s the VIP?

As we all know,the enterprise certificates are becoming more and more difficult to get! So, What’s the next step for those third-party app stores? The solution is to launch the VIP service. The so-called VIP service is a kind of personal Apple certificate. The annual fee for the certificate is $99. Although it is cheaper than the enterprise certificate, but a personal certificate can only add 100 iPhone devices and 100 iPad devices. On average, the actual cost of the certificate is much higher than the enterprise certificate. Therefore, the VIP service fee of more than $20 has to be charged to users.

Why they want to do it?

It is more complicated to adopt the technical scheme of personal certificate signing application than the scheme of enterprise certificate signing, which is not what all third-party application stores can do. Before that, AppValley cooperated with @builds_io(BuildStore), but it wasn’t take long for that. We don’t know the specific reason, but it must be some contradictions related to interests, which eventually hurt the rights and interests of a large number of paying users.

Now,AppValley has joined Tutubox to launch a new round of VIP scam. Similarly, this time, they didn’t operate the VIP service by themself. They still cooperate with an unknown third-party App Store (Signulous) to provide VIP services. All VIP purchases jump to signulous’s official website. I really want to know what will buildstore think at this time? Haha!

The same UI, the same copy, the same price, all the same, the only difference is Tutuvip or Appvalley VIP!

I really want to appeal to you not to believe that such a VIP whitch will really waste your money. These practices violate Apple’s relevant laws. Apple may change the relevant technical details at any time, or revoke its certificate and account. There is no “No Revoked” at all,So, open your eyes, take a good look at the truth, and share my article with your friends.


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