Apple’s Secret War: Like Military Secrets!

By | July 18, 2019

Of course, every company has its own secrets and secretly studies its own innovations, but for Apple, their approach is obviously better. Apple products are ubiquitous, but Apple’s institutional information is rarely known. That’s exactly what Apple wants to see. Apple wants people to talk about their products in order to promote sales at Apple’s retail stores. But Apple does not want to discuss its approach.

Apple’s secrecy work is divided into two parts: external and internal. Apparently, Apple keeps its products and practices secret from competitors and the outside world. Product confidentiality can be understood by employees because many companies are innovating secretly. However, the internal confidentiality represented by such mysterious walls and restricted areas confuses employees. However, confidentiality and productivity are the challenges Apple poses to traditional management truths and transparency as corporate strengths.

The good ventilation conditions in Apple Park are in sharp contrast to its confidentiality. Looking down from above, it seems that an oval football field can be placed in an “infinite circle” park. After passing through the gate of the park, you can see the sunny green park. There are volleyball courts, lawns and outdoor lunch restaurants in the park. Caffe Macs, a luxury central cafe, has a special place for fresh sushi, salad and dessert, and it has a large number of Apple employees. It should be pointed out that unlike Google, these employees pay for meals, but the food is exquisite and the price is reasonable. It looks like a university, but it’s hard to attend the course. At Google’s well-known but ridiculous Google Lex headquarters, people are free to enter the inner campus and slip into any open office, just like employees. On the contrary, Apple’s office buildings are closed, with occasional staff appearing on the volleyball court, but more often when visitors enter the park, they see the same situation: Apple employees rush between different buildings to attend various meetings.

This is a cycle of risk-taking when there is demand, especially for Apple, which is famous for its culture of secrecy, to get information before the release of hardware products, not only news value, but also the needs of the surrounding manufacturers. For example, mobile phone shells can be started ahead of time, so they can take the lead at the beginning of the mobile phone market. There have been reports that Apple employees hijacked a truck loaded with thousands of coloured iPhone 5C jackets. In addition to this more violent method, some workers tried to dig tunnels to steal parts of the iPhone.

In recent years, with the improvement of security measures inside Apple and supplier factories, similar violent leaks have begun to decrease. As long as Apple’s products are attractive, the war of secrecy and leaks between you and me will not stop. Perhaps for a long time, we will still see a steady stream of references to that exposure. What do you think about it?

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