Apple’s New Restrictions On AppStores

By | March 16, 2020

According to official news, Apple has introduced more protection restrictions related to the new coronavirus – this time focusing on its AppStore. In a statement to the developer community, the company explained that it would take steps to review apps focused on the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, which is now beginning to affect every aspect of global life.

“In order to help cope with this virus pandemic, we will conduct a rigorous assessment of applications to ensure the reliability of data sources, and ensure that the developers of these applications come from certified entities, such as government organizations, non-governmental organizations concerned with health, companies with deep reputation in health issues, and medical or educational institutions. “Only developers from these certified entities can submit applications related to the new coronavirus.”

n addition to evaluating app content and limiting the number of developers, Apple has taken measures to ban the release of entertainment programs and games that are trying to make profits from this public life-threatening event.

The company also requires developers to check the “time sensitive event” option when publishing virus related applications, which can speed application submission, considering that some applications may actually help users in this crisis. The company will also exempt annual membership fees from non-profit organizations and government agencies that are currently developing epidemic related applications.

A cursory search of “covid” and “coronavirus” in the apple store will reveal many virus related applications, including case tracker, news application, hand washing reminder, and some game programs.

So, What do you think of Apple’s measures?

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