Apple Releases iPadOS/iOS 13 Beta 5

By | July 31, 2019

Apple pushed the fifth beta of the iPadOS/iOS 13 system to developers early yesterday, just two weeks after the last beta, so let’s see what’s going on.

1. Shared List

This time, Apple updated the system sharing list of the iPadOS/iOS 13, adding favorite shortcut instructions, currently open apps and “other actions” display areas. Categorized, easy to browse.

2. Family App Background

A new background image was added to the family app.

3. IPad Home Screen

In the settings of the iPadOS, new options are added to customize the display mode of the home screen – “more” and “larger”. You can choose to set the app layout to 4x 5 or 6X5 grids, where 4×5 grids can display fewer apps but larger icons; 6X5 grids can display more apps. To meet the individual preferences of different users.

4. Light/Dark Mode

Updated to Beta 5, the system asks users if they want to enable light or dark mode. Previously, it did not appear until the first installation of iOS 13. Now you can also show smoother animations when switching between the two modes in the settings.

5. volume

After updating Beta 5, you can fine tune the volume of the iPhone and iPad. Now you can choose 34 volume levels for more fine tuning. Volume control sliders can also provide tactile feedback at maximum and minimum volume, and become thinner in visual effects.

I believe that by the time the official version comes out, these functions will basically be available.

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