Apple Launches A New MacBook Air And A Touch Pad For The New iPad Pro

By | March 19, 2020

Yesterday, apple quietly launched three new products: the new iPad pro, the new MacBook Air and the new Mac Mini.

According to past practice, Apple will launch some hardware products a few days ahead of its Spring Conference. On the one hand, Apple’s four annual press conferences are not enough to carry all the hardware products. On the other hand, the early release of these products can also warm up the follow-up press conference.

These on-line products are equivalent to the appetizer of a big meal. But this year’s situation is special. According to media reports, Apple’s spring conference was cancelled due to the impact of the epidemic, so it’s hard to say whether the products released today are the appetizers or have entered the dinner.

The price of the new MacBook Air is $999, which is lower than that of the previous generation. The starting price of eligible students is $899, and each customer is limited to 5 units. However, at present, the new MacBook Air has not been officially sold, and the price can only be viewed on Apple’s official website instead of placing an order.

The new MacBook Air restores the old scissor keyboard design, replacing the previous generation of butterfly keyboard with poor experience; with the latest 10 generations of intel core processor, it can be equipped with up to 4-core processor, and the performance of the central processor can be improved by up to twice. The starting capacity of SSDs is 256g, which can be increased to 2T at most.

At the same time, the new iPad pro, Apple’s fourth generation iPad pro, is also on the market. There are 11 inch and 12.9 inch options. A single user can only buy two sets of each size, starting from $799. The new iPad Pro is equipped with A12Z bionic chip and dual rear camera. In addition to the 12 million wide-angle lens of the previous generation, a 10 million pixel super wide-angle camera is added and supports laser radar scanner.

It’s worth mentioning that the new iPad Pro has finally started to support touchpad, and the smart keyboard with it also has a built-in touchpad. This has also fulfilled a wish of iPad users for many years. Now in addition to hands, stylus and keyboard, users have another way to interact with iPad.

The cursor is also redesigned to match the touchpad. It can intelligently adjust the shape according to the current content. When it points to the button, APP icon or text, it will automatically become the appropriate tool. It is also particularly suitable for work that requires more refinement, such as creating spreadsheets or editing text. Users can also use intuitive touchpad gestures to quickly perform various operations within the iPad OS.

In addition, Apple also brought the new Mac mini, but overall, this product has not changed much from the design to the internal configuration. Especially, it is disappointing that the new Mac Mini is still using Intel eight generation processor, which make complaints about many users.

Although the Mac Mini is not worth mentioning, the new MacBook Air and iPad Pro have many upgrades. Next, what new products will Apple bring to you in this spring conference? It was previously reported that the production of iPhone se 2 was delayed.Will the delivery of this product be delayed again?

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