Apple Has Released IOS12.3

By | May 14, 2019

Today, Apple has pushed the release version of IOS 12.3. Judging from the current updates, IOS 12.3 has added the function of “AirPlay 2”, which can share music, videos and photos directly from handheld devices such as the iPhone and iPad to intelligent external devices that have enabled “AirPlay 2”. I think this is the biggest highlight of this update, especially when we watch those videos in apps in the future. You can directly start the system’s projection function, without the need to set up in the app.

In addition, Apple’s original upgrade clearance background animation returned in iOS 12.3. Because of the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm patent lawsuit, the function disappeared for a long time. With the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm, the function returned to normal.

Others are routine system performance optimization, bug fixes, etc. It is especially worth mentioning that in terms of fluency and durability, IOS 12.3 seems to be much better than iOS 12.2. It is recommended that all users in iOS 12.2 update.

How to update IOS 12.3?

  1. As long as your device is the official version of IOS 9.0~ios 12.2, users can update online directly through OTA. Just open the settings – > generic – > software updates, and then you can detect the latest iOS 12.3 updates. Click the “Download and Install” button below, download the upgrade file according to the prompt, and restart the device to complete the upgrade.
  2. iTunes upgrade: download IOS 12.3 firmware, open the latest version of iTunes on the desktop, connect the device to the computer with a data line, select the “Check Update” button of the connected device, and download the upgrade file according to the prompt.

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