Apple Acknowledges That MacBook Air 2018 Has A Motherboard Defect And That Users Can Repair Or Replace It Free Of Charge.

By | July 5, 2019

About a week ago, Apple recalled part of MacBook Pro due to battery problems, and found that some of MacBook Air’s main logic boards had problems.

The specific problems of this motherboard are not clearly stated, just because it is related to “power supply”. As early as 2018, when MacBook Air was released, it was reported that the computer had no power at all, which may be related to the free replacement of the motherboard. However, due to the vague description of the motherboard problem, whether there is a link between the two is still unclear.

Apple has yet to publicly announce its replacement plan, possibly because of the limited number of MacBook Airs affected. The latest part of the company’s official website’s replacement and maintenance expansion plan is still the battery recall plan announced two weeks ago for the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

However, Apple will send e-mails to customers of affected devices via e-mail, instructing them to take the devices to the nearest Apple Store or authorized distributors for inspection. If the inspectors find problems, they will replace the logic board for free within four years of purchasing the equipment.

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