AltStore – A New Way To Install Apps On Iphone/Ipad!

By | October 25, 2019

As we all know, the iPhone / iPad can only install apps from the app store. However, if you have jailbreaked your devices, then you can install apps from other jailbreaking communities. Even if you don’t plan to jailbreak your devices, there are many other third party AppStore on the market, most of them are based on Apple’s enterprise development certificate.

Now, we will intruduce the AltStore, a new way to install apps. It no need jailbreak your devices, no revokes. All you need to do is install AltStore from a computer Firstly.

How to use AltStore?

Step 1: visite , select MAC or Windows version of altserver according to your computer type

Step 2: After you have installed AltServer then Connect your device to your computer with a data cable, open AltServer, and click “install AltStore”, it will need you to enter your “Apple ID” and “Password” (Your Apple ID is never sent to anyone but Apple)

Step 3: Wait some minutes, the AltStore will be installed on your device. After that, you need go to Settings >> General >> Device Management, find the personal developer certificate, trust the certificate and click on “Trust”. The whole step is similar to that of using enterprise apps.

Step 4: Open AltStore on your device. First, you have to log in to your apple account again, then browse and select your favorite app, click “free” button, and the app will be installed on your device.

Right now, Delta is the only app listed in AltStore. However, the priority post-launch is expanding AltStore to support 3rd party apps, so expect that soon! If you still have other questions, you can go to their FAQ page for help:


In the author’s opinion, the way to install the apps is just to warmed over the developer certificates. It is very similar to the working principle of the impactor. It only transfers the logic of authorization of the personal free developer account to the mobile phone. All kinds of restrictions of the personal free developer account have not been changed at all, such as the 7-day limit, the maximum number of three applications can be installed on the device at the same time for one developer account, etc. But there is always better than no, one more choice, we have one more way to enjoy.

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