AltSigner – A New Free IPA Signing Tool For Windows

By | March 26, 2020

What’s AltSigner?

AltSigner is a free Cydia Impactor alternative tool that can be used to sign IPA on Windows. The application is really easy to use. With AltSigner, you can sign any IPA you want : Sign 3 IPA For One Accound With Your Windows System; and you don’t need to jailbreak and won’t lose data due to
being revoked.

How to use AltSigner?

You can download altSigner from this link ,or go to their website to download it(, and then refer to the video below:


Do I need to resign apps with Altsigner after 7 days?

Yes, you need to resign the signed apps or IPA files after seven days. Because of Apple’s mechanism, it only allows you to get seven days signed apps. If you want to get the use again after seven days, you could resign them with AltSigner.

How to sign apps or IPA files with Altsigner?

Prepared items: Apple ID and password、Your device UDID、IPA file

How many IPAs can each Apple ID sign?

Three, and a device can only install 3 signed IPA at the same time. If the Apple ID is used as the fourth IPA, the first IPA will expire immediately.

What should I do if I always fail to sign?

First check the account number, UDID and if the IPAs are available. Then clear cache in settings, try to run AltSigner as system administrator.

Is the Apple ID stored in AltSigner at risk?

IT’S SAFE. The password will be encrypted, and the Apple ID will only be called when logging in to the Apple registration certificate. If you are still not assured, it is recommended to register a new Apple ID to use.

Why can’t I install the IPA signed successfully?

  1. iOS 13.3.1 and above is not supported currently.
  2. Please check whether the UDID corresponds to the device and whether the IPA file is available. 
  3. Check whether three IPA files signed with AltSigner already exist on the device.

Why do I need to fill in a two-factor verification code?

Logging in to the Apple Certificate Server when signing will trigger the Apple account protection mechanism. If you worry about the risk, it is recommended to register a new Apple ID to use it.

Which devices does the IPA file signed by AltSiner support?

Support iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with ios 13.3 and below. And Altsigner is designed for Windows OS.

What should I do if the Apple ID password is right but the two-factor authentication fails?

The first time to use AltSigner, there is a possibility that the account with two-factor authentication will fail, please try again.

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