Aladdin: The Dream Of Childhood Is Coming True

By | July 1, 2019

In recent years, summer is the golden period of the outbreak of fairy tales, and this year is no exception, “Aladdin” as a classic fairy tale, once again broke out the hearts of the audience. Following Disney reality Princess movies such as Sleeping Curse, Beauty and Beast, Cinderella and so on, the magical and romantic love of Aladdin, popular songs, plot music and dancing, etc. are very colorful, which makes people find the mood of sitting in front of the TV when they were children and enjoying animated movies.

The real-life version of Aladdin is adapted from the 1992 classic animation of the same name and draws inspiration from the world’s famous work One Thousand and One Nights. The film tells of a romantic encounter between Aladdin, a kind-hearted poor boy, and Princess Jasmine in an exotic ancient Arab kingdom. With the help of a lantern God who can satisfy the three wishes of the host, the two men embark on a magical adventure of finding true love and self.

Aladdin basically restores animation from all aspects of the plot, music and dance, so that viewers can find the same mood when watching animation many years ago.In addition, the film also applies the background virtualization technology which has never been used in the previous live-action movies. When the characters are close-up, with the slight push and pull of the lens, it can present a very vivid sense of depth, thus further introducing the audience into the magical Arab world.

In some ways, perhaps, most of us in reality, like Aladdin, do not have much ability to live carefully, just to have a quiet and happy home of our own.But life will not let everyone happy, even the great lamp god, also can not achieve all the wishes.

The God of lanterns has three main desire forbidden zones:

First,No killing;

Second, one cannot fall in love with another.

Third, the dead should not be revived.

This is the spirit’s principle, but also the three most difficult things in the world.One life, one death, and one love.

After Aladdin got the lamp god, his first wish was to realize the love in it.The lamp God used magic to disguise Aladdin as a rich and handsome Prince Ali and approached Princess Jasmine for her affection. But the superficial appearance of wealth did not impress Princess Jasmine. Gradually, Princess Jasmine found out that Prince Ali was the favorite Aladdin the market.

Even so, for the sake of his sad vanity, Aladdin pretended that he was the prince who slightly dressed up because he was tired of court life.At that moment, he wanted all of this to be true. He wanted the God of lanterns to turn it into reality. His thoughts changed and he began to indulge in lies.The more you get by cheating, the more you lose.This is the weakness of human nature. Faced with temptation, most people will be lost in it, just like the lamp God said to Aladdin, you still go that way.

People who are addicted to it often fail to see their own changes and even become complacent about them.Everyone born in the world wants to have a good life, but from the beginning there is no choice. Everyone wants to be a better person, realize self-worth, and gain more rights.But gradually forgot that if you want to get real feelings and wealth, you have to pay the same amount.

False is always false, false can not be true, true can not be false, just like Aladdin pretending to be Prince Ali, and Aladdin who has been pursuing Princess Jasmine, the truth will come out one day.In fact, the setting of the magic lamp in the film is not only a prop to help Aladdin and Princess Jasmine achieve true love, but also a personal statement about how to achieve real freedom by sticking to the true self.

Truth must come from the foil of falsehood, and the difference between truth and falsehood lies in whether their actions are guided by false desires or adherence to their true selves.

In addition to the bright line of describing Aladdin and Princess Jasmine realizing their “true self” and reaching their “true love”, there is actually a dark line of self-realization by the God of lanterns.

In our view, the lamp God seems to be omnipotent. In fact, the lamp God himself is only a poor person bound by his great ability.The magic lamp, as the repository of people’s desires, seems to help people realize their wishes and achieve happiness, but in fact it is the source of all evil.Therefore, it was sealed in the magic cave, and only the pure people who were still not moved by the lure of gold and silver wealth could enter the cave to get the magic lamp and realize their wishes.

At the end of the film, Aladdin uses his last wish to find himself for the God of lanterns’freedom. In fact, it is a hint that Aladdin and the God of lanterns have accomplished the path of “true self” and self-realization at the same time at the end of the journey.——Only by abandoning the obsession with illusory desires can real freedom be realized.

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