AirBar – A one-click Connection/Disconnection Of AirPods Headphones For Free!

By | July 16, 2019

In fact, there’s a software Tooth Fairy on the Mac store that lets AirPods switch from the iPhone to the Mac with one button. It’s good, but it charges. Now, finally, there is a free software AirBar that can achieve the same function.

AirPods allow for “Seamless switching” to keep them connected to both our iPhones and Macs. However we are still required to manually select a bluetooth device to direct audio to AirPods when switching from iOS to MacOS. This brings connection to your AirPods a click away, saving you a second every time you decide to direct audio on your Mac to your AirPods.

AirBar is a free, reduced version of Tooth Fairy, which can only be used to connect to AirPods without a menu, power tips or other Bluetooth devices.

But for ordinary users, it’s really the best partner for AirPods. It’s free and easy. Download it and try it. Don’t always go for Bluetooth, and order AirPods.

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