Escalating dispute between Epic and Apple

Since the conflict between epic and apple occurred(Epic VS Apple & Google)According to the latest news, Epic Games accused apple of threatening to cut off the use of its IOS devices and mac software development tools, and escalated the dispute between the two companies. Apple’s Statement Apple issued a statement today in response to the… Read More »

Epic VS Apple & Google

Recently, the struggle between Epic and Apple & Google has caused a huge shock in the technology industry. When Fortnite has been removed from the AppStore and Google Play, its publisher,Epic, may recall the winter when it declared war on Steam two years ago. In just two years, this trouble loving game developer has launched… Read More »

One Of AppValley’s Certificate Sellers Appears

As we all know, the life of the third party Appstore is becoming more and more difficult. Apple’s crackdown and the high price of certificate sellers make them worse. This situation makes us all feel very depressed. Recently, we found one of the certificate sellers. Let’s see who he is! Appvalley has been contacting this… Read More »

J. K Simmons signed up to join the sequel to “Spider-Man”

The horn daily boss “J. Jonah Jameson” is the most classic supporting character in Spider-Man movie history.He appeared in the Toby Maguire “Spider-Man” trilogy from 2002 to 2007 as Peter Parker’s boss, and his temperament is volatile, complex and interesting.Although he has spared no effort to discredit Spider-Man for a long time, to some extent,… Read More »

Unc0ver Download For No PC No Jailbreak

Unc0ver is a jail​break, which means that you can have the freedom to do whatever you would like to do to your iOS device. Allowing you to change what you want and operate within your purview, unc0ver unlocks the true power of your iDevice. There many ways for you to install unc0ver on your device,u… Read More »

What’s Wrong With Unc0ver?

Today is a amazing day! For what? Yeap, the most popular jailbreak tool – Unc0ver5.0.0 has been released, it supports iOS 11.0 – 13.5. It’s very pleased for us. When Apple’s latest IOS system(ios13.5) was released, it announced that its support for IOS 13.5! So, most of us want to install it and jailbreak our… Read More »